Classical Pilates

To build sustainable health and fitness you need a strong foundation and this is what Classical Pilates will give you. Classical Pilates builds your strength, flexibility, and control. This foundation carries through into every other activity you perform in life, from everyday living through to high level physical performance.

At Your Natural Centre the term Classical Pilates refers to Jospeh Pilates' original system developed early last century. Pilates called his system Contrology and described it as 'the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit'.

Your Natural Centre currently offers instruction in the classical Pilates mat -  around 40 exercises that flow together into one routine that strengthens and stretches your whole body. This routine is taught at basic, intermediate and advanced levels and our desire is to set you up with a routine you can use, and come back to, for the rest of your life. 


“Karen has been an incredibly supportive, encouraging and gentle instructor. As a first-timer to the basic mat, I am so inspired and have quickly incorporated the mat into my daily routine! Thank you for helping me to be a better version of myself Karen! I am excited to learn the intermediate mat next! "

Penny, Hobart

“I can't speak highly enough of Karen and Your Natural Centre Pilates. She is great, tailoring the program to your needs and going abvove and beyond to help you reach your goals. With her help, in only a short time I have become stronger and more flexible. My neck and shoulders, previously tight from hunching over a computer all day, are back in alignment, and I feel great. I only wish I'd started lessons with her sooner!"

Em, Hobart

Single Sessions

Single sessions are great for anyone who:
  • just wants to put their toe in the water and see if classical Pilates is for them
  • get some personlised tips to help them with the workouts they're already doing - this is especially good if you are doing pilates at home or going to a large group class
  • already has a solid workout routine and wants to progress to a more challenging workout


Single session - $70

5 sessions - $332.50 (save 5%)

10 sessions - $630 (save 10%)


Duet (per person)

Single session - $40

5 sessions - $190 (save 5%)

10 sessions - $360 (save 10%)

Trio (per person)

Single session - $30

5 sessions - $142.50 (save 5%)

10 sessions - $270 (save 10%)

Training Course

'You can derive all the benefits of Contrology in your own home' Joseph Pilates

Learn how to do a great pilates workout, tailored for your body's needs, in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The training course includes:

  • 5 sessions with a classically trained pilates instructor

  • A workout routine tailored to your body and the space you train in 

  • Basic Pilates Mat workout booklet

  • Guidance on how to set and achieve effective fitness goals 

This course can be done privately, or with up to three people.

Private: $385

Duet: $225 each person

Trio: $175 each person